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The first step towards managing and controlling Japanese knotweed is a general survey of the suspected site. For commercial clients, this is often prior to purchase. A Japanese knotweed site survey and remediation options appraisal is essential in determining accurate development costs for a site. Early detection and treatment of Japanese knotweed infestations is of paramount importance if remediation costs are to be kept to a minimum. Delays can be very costly. A survey can safeguard a buyer who wishes to purchase a development site. If the site is found to be infested with japanese knotweed, the costs of remediation should be considered in the purchase price.

Because Japanese knotweed is herbaceous, the knotweed growing season is between March and October. During these months is the best time to undertake a survey, however it is advisable to seek specialist advice as soon as you suspect knotweed may be present on a site. Japanese knotweed is a highly invasive plant species that has no natural enemies in the UK. As a result it has spread largely unchecked throughout the country. It particularly favours newly disturbed ground and derelict sites. Brownfield sites, waterways and railway line verges (operational land) all offer ideal environments in which the plant can thrive.

A Japanese knotweed survey is essential to determine the best method of treatment for each individual site. Due to site conditions, available land, timescales and tax relief, a variety of site specific remediation solutions can be designed around the needs of the client. The selection of the most appropriate remediation technique depends on constraints such as timescales and available space however we can provide clients with the most cost effective Japanese knotweed remediation solution for each site including herbicide only treatments, excavation and disposal to landfill, on-site bund treatment, on-site cell burial, use of geo-textile membranes called rootbarriers & combined reduced excavation, barrier and herbicide treatment.

A landowner can be liable for allowing nuisance to continue, even if he did not create it and purchased after Japanese knotweed had become established. Therefore a prospective purchaser of land should always have the land properly surveyed before buying, because although he would not be responsible for past damage he will be responsible for continuing damage and, given the likely claim against him for an injunction, the cost of its treatment. Equally a seller could remain liable for damage caused prior to the date of sale and further, guilty of a misrepresentation to a buyer if he has not responded correctly to any pre-contract enquiries concerning the presence of nuisance. Conversely, a buyer can seek remedies for nuisance caused prior to his purchase if the nuisance is continuing, which in the case of Japanese knotweed is likely.

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