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Japanese knotweed soil screening  

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Soil is passed through a variety of screening processes and spoil can be transported to licensed land fill, incinerated on site or taken to a biomass power station for use as fuel. The remaining soil can be reincorporated on the site, eliminating the need to import large quantities of back fill.

Dig A Screener REMU L75 excavator-mounted screening bucket recently provided invasive weed management specialists with a flexible and cost-effective alternative to a second manned conveyor/screener, when eradicating Japanese Knotweed.

At the site in Portsmouth over 1,000 tonnes of soil was first screened through the Dig A Screener REMU bucket and then carried via conveyor belt to a manned picking station. The use of the screener bucket dispensed with the need for an extra manned conveyor/screener.

The whole operation is designed to reduce the quantity of soil contaminated with Japanese knotweed being sent to landfill, with cleaned material placed in a known location on site and monitored by consultants for 12 months.

The Dig A Screener REMU bucket provides a cost-effective and flexible solution when screening spoil. It requires a much smaller footprint than a traditional screener, makes greater use of the excavator on site and can easily be moved from one location to another on the back of a trailer. What’s more it’s ideal for smaller projects and, in some instances, can even do away with the need for a conveyor and manned screening station.

The WL Series bucket is the perfect machine to screen awkward, wet or sticky materials. The unique narrow bucket design with its straight sides and round blades reduce the risk of clogging to an absolute minimum. The blade design also means oversize objects are repelled rather than crushed, which prevents excess wear, while maximising material screening.

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